What is the Mayors’ Geothermal Club?

Mayors’ Geothermal Club (MGC) is an initiative to provide European municipalities with geothermal potential with an appropriate framework where all issues related to the utilisation of their geothermal potential can be openly discussed.

Who is behind the MGC?

The MGC was born within the framework of the Geothermal Communities project funded under the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). This initial impetus will be maintained by the active involvement of key European geothermal stakeholders, in particular the municipalities, in the next years.

What is the scope of the MGC?

The MGC will be a permanent platform allowing the European municipalities with geothermal potential keeping in touch. An MGC conference will take place every year lasting two days and addressing the most important issues on the agendas of the municipalities. These annual events will be hosted by municipalities that already have an operational geothermal based district heating system in place.

The MGC will cover the following topics

Funding Opportunities

Available financial instruments for geothermal investments, opportunities under the Structural Funds, World Bank, the European Investment Bank (EIB), and other financial instruments.

Engineering solutions

Latest innovations, new technologies, experiences and best practices, solutions for municipalities.

Industry and technology providers

Drilling companies, pipeline providers, heat exchanger manufacturers and other geothermal related industry.

Site visits

Success stories on geothermal applications.

Target groups and activities of the MGC

The main target group is European municipalities with geothermal potential. However, the Club is open to all stakeholders of the European geothermal district heating business.


Interact with the representatives of other municipalities, exchange know-how and experiences, and discuss future cooperation opportunities.


Once a critical mass of European municipalities will be established with the MGC, it is hoped to have a strong lobby power in the future at European level for policy making and financial allocations.

Financial Assistance

Introduction to and information about the available loans and funding schemes to deliver such systems.

Technical Assistance

For the mayors’ their technical staff who are also expected and welcomed to be present at the events.

Knowledge transfer

Exchange of specific experience and knowledge on geothermal investments based on already implemented European projects.

How can I be part of the MGC?

The Mayors’ Geothermal Club will be a club with rules for participation and a membership fee. Different membership levels have been drafted with different levels of benefits for the MGC members.

Basic Package*

Eligibility to participate at the annual MGC event, access to electronic information via the regular newsletter, etc.

Standard Package*

Basic Package benefits + free participation at the annual MGC event.

Premium Package*

Standard Package benefits + tailored assistance in feasibility studies, tailored consulting services (financial, technical, etc.).

* You may receive more information on the planned membership fees by contacting us using the contact details below.

We hope to welcome you aboard the Mayors’ Geothermal Club soon!

I want to join the MGC

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Municipalities and companies
that have already expressed their interest
to join the MGC:

  • Municipality of Mórahalom (HU)
  • City of Subotica (SRB)
  • Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of the Polish Acedemy of Sciences (PL)
  • Municipality of Mszczonow (PL)
  • Zakopane Municipality (PL)
  • Slovgeotherm a.s. (SK)
  • Pyrzyc Municipality (PL)