Subotica is situated in Vojvodina, Serbia, 10 km south from the Serbian-Hungarian border. The Municipal region, that covers the city and 18 other settlements around it, is stretched out on 1.008 km2. Subotica, due to its geographical location and diligent inhabitants, has become the most important administrative, industrial, trade, traffic and cultural centre in the northern Backa region and Lake Palic is the tourist-recreational centre of an even wider territory. 

The territory of Vojvodina, as part of the Pannonian Basin, belongs to the large European Geothermal Zone which has favourable conditions for research and utilization in the field of geothermal energy. For the time being, hydrothermal energy is being investigated and utilized. This concerns thermal waters of natural springs and waters in rocky masses which can be accessed by drilling. In Vojvodina, four hydro-geological systems are recognized and classified. More complete knowledge about geothermal potentials of drills has started to accumulate since 1949. In the period from 1969 to 1996, 73 hydrothermal drills were bored with the overall depth of 62,678.60 m. Drilling was financed and carried out by Naftagas.

The most intensive research was undertaken in the 1980s, when 45 drills were bored. Their total depth is 34,840 m (approx. 56% of total drilled depth). Generally speaking, geothermal waters suitable for various applications are present in all systems. However, their temperature, profusion, collector properties, chemical composition, gaseous factor and other characteristics are decisive for determining future prospects and particular conditions for exploitation. This is the reason why each drill should be individually investigated in detail when making a decision concerning the choice of exploitation manner and the most suitable equipment. 

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