Oras Sacueni

The City of Sacueni, with a population of almost 12,000 inhabitants, is situated in the Western part of Romania near the Hungarian border. In relation to its geothermal resources, the town's location above the eastern side of the Pannonian Basin can be considered quite fortunate. This allows to tap into reservoirs of geothermal waters between 1300 - 2500m. There are 4 wells presently available in the vicinity of the town. These have a maximum flow rate of 30 l/s, but all of them are operated at a low capacity of 4-9 l/s at the moment. In the future 3 more wells are planned to be drilled. The temperature of the extracted thermal water ranges between 82 - 87°C, its solids content varies between 4.9 - 5.4 g/l, and it has a gas ratio of 4.4 - 5.5 Nm3/m3.

Sacueni has a young history on geothermal water applications featuring low-scale heating and medical treatment. The city already has a number of buildings heated with thermal water such as: the city hall, the sports-court, 2 schools, 3 apartment houses, the local church and the police station. In the future the municipality intends to introduce the geothermal heating system to the following facilities too: health centre, cultural centre, theatre, fire station, primary school, some commercial places, additional streets, 11 ha of greenhouses, and is also considering building a SPA on geothermal water.

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