The Kocani geothermal region in the NE part of the Republic of Macedonia is set between 41°40' and 42°00' northern geographic latitude and 22°30' eastern geographic longitude. The "Podlog-Banja" aquifer belongs to an area with a higher heating flow that stems from Turkey, through northern Greece, and East Macedonia to the Pannonian Basin. 

Completed developments prior to engaging GEOCOM: 

  • Exploitation wells EBMP1, EB-2, EB-3, EB-4, completely equipped with submersible pumps, connected to the system with connecting pipelines (total length is 1000 meters) with a total capacity of 300 l/s.
  • Pump distribution station with collecting tank (1000 m3), own transformator station with supplying power line, automatic and control measuring monitoring system.
  • Main pipeline (7.500m) to the industry and town of Kocani.
  • Connecting pipelines to customers from agricultural complex ZIK "Dobra" (3.360m) and ZZ "Zelena kuka" (200 m)
  • Re-injecting system (re-injection pump station with collecting reservoir of 250 m3, pressuring pipeline 3200m, re-injection well P-10 equipped with mechanical protection)
  • The project "Ecological Sanitation and Energetic Rationalization of the Geothermal System Geoterma," was finished in 2010. An extraction well with a capacity of approx. 50 l/sec and a reinjection well had been realised.

The Municipality of Kocani joined "GeoCom" to learn from the examples of successful cascade utilization of geothermal energy for district heating in order to further develop its local possibilities. 

Fore more information on local GeoCom activities in Macedonian, please contact: 

Mr. Todor Kusevski
Email: tkushevski _at_yahoo.com