The main objective of the project is to implement pilot-scale demonstration of the geothermal energy utilisation on the 3 selected demo-sites, Morahalom (Hungary), Galanta (Slovakia) and Montieri (Italy). The demonstration activities are complemented by applied research tasks on (1) the technological background of the geothermal resources including system optimisation and system integration; (2) and also on the socio-economic aspects of the current and future investments. One of the key elements of the project are the efficient dissemination and training activities that will both raise public awareness on RES application and help transferring the project technology and approach to other communities in the region and beyond.


The direct objective of the project is to demonstrate successful, innovative and inspiring examples for the utilisation of geothermal energy for heat generation employing cutting-edge, environmentally sustainable and cost competitive technologies combined with innovative energy efficiency measures and retrofitting. All three pilot projects should be considered as an intermediary phase between ongoing investments and planned projects in the future that will take into consideration the lessons learned from the current phase. The project results and approach facilitates future investment on the regional geothermal resources and will help their better understanding and perception among the investors, local and regional decision makers, the public and the stakeholders. This paper focuses on the innovative demonstration aspects at the three communities, addressing the energy efficiency measures and discussing the resulted savings and benefits of the actions carried out.