The Consortium believes that the overall impact of the Geothermal Communities project will be significantly greater than the sum of the individual pilot projects' impact.

For all European countries there may be a strong interest in the utilisation of existing geothermal potential for energy production leading towards sustainability and a more independent (self-sustained) energy market. Also, geothermal energy may prove to be an adequate response in mitigating the effect of inefficient and polluting industrial branches. Utilisation of geothermal reserves may boost local economies via enhanced tourism (balneology), agriculture (green houses) and related job opportunities, thus improving local sustainability. 

By integrating a number of cities as project partners the overall impact is increased even further. These communities (from Serbia, Romania, Poland and fYRoM) either already have ongoing geothermal systems in the need of adopting new technologies or they would like to implement new systems from scratch aided by the project's results. Such high-visibility pilot actions combined with research and dissemination efforts are expected to boost European investments into geothermal systems in the future. As an additional outcome of GeoCom-like projects it is also hoped that such investments will be implemented in a sensible, environmentally aware and economically sound way.