The project's various phases (demonstration, research and support (management, training, dissemination)) are defined by a number of work packages (WPs) which summarize the required actions needed to carry out the given phase.

The initiative's core element includes the simultaneous implementation of the small-scale geothermal pilot projects combined with energy efficiency measures at the three demo-sites. The work programme facilitates the parallel realisation and monitoring of these projects, thus allowing continuous comparison, information exchange and monitoring of progress.
Works will be managed and carried out locally supervised by the key technology project partners.

WP1   Coordination
WP2   Geothermal System Development
WP3   Retrofitting and Energy Efficiency Measures
WP4   System Integration
WP5   Technological Research
WP6   Socio-economic Research
WP7   Monitoring
WP8   Dissemination
WP9   Training
WP10  Mayors' Geothermal Club